Introducing Miss Tiggy!

Hi there

I’m just going to come straight out and tell you – WE HAVE A PUPPY! She’s my early birthday present from the triple As! We’ve called her ‘Tiggy” but the vet called her ‘Miss Tiggy’ today. So Miss Tiggy it is!


She is sooooo cute, sooooo naughty and sooooo very loved already.


This little six week old thing has completely taken over our lives!


So I’m afraid there’s not much more I’m going to write about this week!


But I will just say this: Treacle has been on our minds at this time as well. So I read through my journal a few weeks after she’d moved her residency to heaven and found this:


Endeavoring to do just that!

Bye for now my friends


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19 thoughts on “Introducing Miss Tiggy!

  1. Oh Yas, she’s completely gorgeous!

    I’m loving your blog, it’s so nice to hear all is going well.

    How are you settling in lovely? I hope it’s ok.


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  2. She is just gorgeous Yas, and has come to you at just the right time… Have taken note of lessons learnt from Treacle too – what wise old things dogs are, well at least some are, not my ditzy flatcoat however! Love to you all xx


  3. Oh how exciting and sooooo very cute ! We can share puppy stories💞💞 Enjoy every moment and look after those shoes…laces.. chair legs…handbags.. sports kit…. toys…. coffee tables…magazines and newspapers; I could go on !! xxx big hugs and thinking of you all 😘


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