Introducing Miss Tiggy!

Hi there

I’m just going to come straight out and tell you – WE HAVE A PUPPY! She’s my early birthday present from the triple As! We’ve called her ‘Tiggy” but the vet called her ‘Miss Tiggy’ today. So Miss Tiggy it is!


She is sooooo cute, sooooo naughty and sooooo very loved already.


This little six week old thing has completely taken over our lives!


So I’m afraid there’s not much more I’m going to write about this week!


But I will just say this: Treacle has been on our minds at this time as well. So I read through my journal a few weeks after she’d moved her residency to heaven and found this:


Endeavoring to do just that!

Bye for now my friends


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Have A Nice Day!

Hi there!


We’re not actually saying that. (YET!)

Now, I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘Southern Hospitality’ recently. And I never thought I was the shy type with people, but it turns out I am… begin with anyway!

The mini As have always been sooooo embarrassed whenever I stop to chat with complete strangers.  It doesn’t matter to me who it is: a cashier, the Big Issue seller, the lady in the queue with me or a little kid having a tantrum! When the mood strikes, I’ll speak to anyone really!  But my two just think I’m a weirdo! (Yay….one point to me!)

Yet when Angus and I first came to Houston in January to do our recce….we walked into the hotel lift after breakfast and before we’d even had a chance to turn around, we heard someone say, “How y’all doin’?” (Are they speaking to us? Please God, don’t let them be speaking to us! But there’s no-one else in the lift. They ARE speaking to us!) “Oh! Fine thank you,” I mumbled incoherently whilst turning slowly, looking at the floor, managing a quick (very quick) glance up and, to make it so much worse, blushing! We felt uncomfortable……and British! What were we supposed to do now? Strike up a conversation with this person we’d never met before? NOOOOO! So we looked awkwardly around at suddenly very interesting things like the gap between the mirrors! (But actually, thinking back, it was really nice that we were acknowledged!) It was our first experience of the infamous ‘Southern hospitality’.

I just looked it up on Wikipedia and officially

Southern hospitality is a phrase used in American English to describe the stereotype of residents of the Southern United States as particularly warm, sweet and welcoming to visitors to their homes, or to the South in general.

And welcoming they certainly are!

I thought about what we’re like in the UK. In Cornwall, for example, when we’re out dog walking along the cliffs, every time we passed another person we’d all say “Good Morning” or “Good afternoon” to each other. (Cornwall’s in the South!) Then I remember an ‘experiment’ a friend and I did walking in London a while ago.  We decided to pretend we were in Cornwall and say “Good morning” to everyone we passed on the street to see what would happen. Well, most people completely ignored us! Some gave us a ‘you’re odd and definitely not to be trusted’ look. But one older gentleman tipped his hat and replied “Good morning to you too!” Just ONE!

Coming back to Texas, we’ve definitely found this hospitality evident all over the place:

On the road around our neighbourhood people who are walking wave at us as we drive past them, or as they drive past us if we’re walking. So we all dutifully smile and wave back (sideways glancing at each other and asking “Who’s that?” “Don’t know!”) People around here just seem to wave at people passing by!

Even the traffic system portrays some of this hospitality. When we come to a crossroad everyone has to stop. The person who reached the crossroad first, goes first. Everyone takes it in turns. It’s almost as if people are motioning with their hand and saying, “Please, you go first.”

Then in shops, whenever you ask a question, all answers have a ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ at the end. And if a person walks in front of you in a supermarket whilst you’re decision making at a shelf, they always say “Oh, excuse me” like they’re really putting you out!

This politeness happens on the school run too…..with teenage boys! When I first met one of Archie’s new friends, whatever I asked him was replied with a ‘Yes Ma’am’ or ‘No, Ma’am’ at the end. After a few days Archie told his friend he didn’t have to say ‘Ma’am’ any more, to which the boy seemed quite lost, as if to say, “But it’s what one does”.

Back to our neighborhood; there’s a sweet seven year old girl living opposite who’s taken to calling me ‘Miss Yasemin’. It’s apparently a respectful and familiar address to someone older, regardless of age or marital status. I have to say, I like this the most! It’s just sooooo charming!

Finally, there is, of course, the infamous ‘Have a nice day’ comment. Yup, people do say it a lot here. And it does seem that they’re mostly on auto pilot. But what a great auto pilot to have! It’s not something one does here. It’s just the way one is.


I think there’s every chance we may just become nicer people here! On the outside anyway! I’m certainly going to give it a go! (Watch this space!)

In the meantime, I really do hope you have a nice rest of your day!



PS: I haven’t actually heard this word yet but I like it…..and may just have to adopt it!


Greenery, Gratitude and Friends!

Hi there!

I hope this finds you and yours all well.

We are here! It was ‘Labor Day’ on Monday so we had an extra day at the weekend together…….in honour (according to Wikipedia) of working people. Being the country bumpkins that we are, we were craving to celebrate the day by getting out to find some countryside……anything that wasn’t flat and man-made. So we were thrilled (THRILLED!) when our lovely neighbours invited us to their parents’ farm for the day!

Don’t get me wrong…..we’re loving where we live with its trees and greenery!


And we love that the kids get to ride around safely on our street with scooters, bikes, skateboards etc. But once you get off our estate the main roads are wide, flat, SCARY and concrete, with an occasional spaghetti junction thrown in! Aaaaaagh!

SIX Lanes!!
Not quite the A22……SIX Lanes!!

So you can understand why we longed to see something green…and natural! The drive out to the farm was only 90 minutes….and wonderful! The roads gradually narrowed down to single lanes, gentle undulations started appearing and it became greener and greener! Even the mini ‘A’s got off their electrical devices to observe! Meanwhile big A and I sounded like parents of two year olds “Look! A COW!”

We just soaked the day in and had a great time riding around the farm on buggies and quad bikes…, shooting, eating, drinking! (And all, thankfully, with no snakes!) We certainly drove back with our souls well and truly re-charged.

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.” John Muir

Going back a day further to Sunday, I saw that it was lovely and sunny in Sussex and just knew that our rugby friends were up at the club……so I FaceTimed them! Oh my goodness! How lovely it was to see those gorgeous faces again. It almost felt like I was on the deck there with them! But when I signed off a wave of emotion whooshed up from deep inside somewhere. I actually felt it in my chest. I knew it came from looking back, remembering and missing all the amazing times we’d had up there over the years. But I also knew that I was dwelling in the past and that I needed to take some of my own medicine to try to return to the present moment. But I have to admit, it was really hard!

So I decided to resort to a game I challenge myself to with the not-so-mini ‘A’s… do the opposite of what I want to do! So, for example, instead of raising my voice when they’ve pushing all my buttons, (which is what I want to do), I stay calm and smile at them instead! It works wonders…for both them and me! (I’ll go more into the power of that another time!) So I sat for a while wondering how I could use this tactic to turn my sadness around….then this Winnie the Pooh quote just popped into my head!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 10.34.41 AM

Wow! It made me realize how lucky I was to even have those friends to miss. I grabbed my journal and wrote down all the things I was grateful for in my friendships. Once I started I couldn’t stop! It went on and on and on! Yes, things were geographically different now but, as the old saying goes,

“Good friends can be like stars. You may not always see them, but you know they’re always there”.

So by the end of that list my heart was full of love and bursting. The sadness had turned to gratefulness. I felt I needed to celebrate this somehow. So I created a Pinterest board (here) in honour of my friends! (Is there a Friendship Day?! I just googled it….apparently there is…..on July 30th! I’ve just read on……and I can’t quite believe this, but apparently Winnie the Pooh was named the world’s ‘Ambassador of Friendship’ at the United Nations in 1998! Haha….I’m obviously soooo on the ball……with a six week delay!)

Anyway…..I’ve made a note to self: to play that opposite game more…..and to get out to the country as often as I can! It’s like hitting my reset button!

Back to now, and until we meet again…..anyone fancy FaceTime and a cuppa?!

Take care!


The Best Things in Life


Outside Our New Home

We made it…at last! Thank you so very, very much for all the messages of support up until now…..we certainly felt them! As soon as we heard the good news the kids and I booked our flights and got out here as fast as we could. We needed to enrol them into their new schools before the new term (I mean ‘semester’) started on the 24th!  Angus followed shortly after, once the actual ‘ok we’ll have you’ visa arrived. Yes we’re here……but it feels more like we’re on holiday than in our new home! (How long ’til that reality bites?!)

Our ‘Back Yard’

Anyway, whilst I was waiting for our container to arrive it dawned on me that there was very little in it that we’d actually missed in the last few months……VERY little! And now that it’s here and unpacked, it’s lovely to be with our things again, but we haven’t actually needed them! Living out of a suitcase for a few months gave us more freedom than I knew at the time. We didn’t have anything but ourselves and a few clothes to look after so it made more room for other, more essential things. Sounds cheesy but we spent more time together!

With Cousins In Cornwall (Photo by Michael Tufnell)

Aaaaaah, Cornwall! We hung out in nature every day, whatever the weather! We surfed, explored, tried new things, visited new places and swam….a lot! I’m not trying to sound like an ‘everything’s perfect in my life’ kind of person, (OF COURSE it wasn’t!), but I can see now that living like that without our stuff was really liberating. Whilst in that space I also started drawing and painting again for the first time in thirty odd years!  Even that was freer (well, childish!). And I began this blog! Would I have done all that anyway? (I’m thinking not!) Who knows! No, I’m not going to go and live off grid (although part of me is tempted!). I’m just saying that this whole process has reminded me of something:


Just over a year ago I read about a man who packed up all his belongings into boxes as if he were moving house. He only took things out if he needed them.  If they hadn’t been used for a certain amount of time he either sold them or gave them away. He found it liberating! I thought it was a great idea at the time and really, really wanted to do the same. I managed to empty out a few drawers but I didn’t get much further than that…….until I HAD to! (Be very careful what you wish for!!)

Now I see that the man was right… does feel freeing. Freeing in mind (feels clearer), in body (reduced stress) and in spirit (less housework, more fun!). So I’m announcing today that they’ll be no more hoarding or cluttering for me. (And I give you full permission to hold me to that!)

That’s it for now my lovelies.  I promise I’ll try to post more regularly from here on in!

Bye for now!